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Online Order Forms

We would prefer that you use our Online Order Forms to send us files, but if you can't use them, please try our FTP site which uses a different means of uploading your files. If you can't use either of the previous two methods, then please attach your files to a detailed email message. Please include your full name, your company name, and telephone numbers.

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FTP Site Users

If you choose to use our public FTP site please note the following. We do not monitor our Public FTP site for incoming files. If you use it, you will need to email us with the file name(s), your contact information, and detailed instructions on what kind of printing and finishing you require. Remember, this is a Public FTP site and any files you upload will be accessible to anyone visiting the site. Our online order forms with the embedded upload components do not use the FTP protocol and are private uploads.

FTP Client help:

The host is “” and the path is /pub (also known as ‘Initial Folder’, ‘Startup Directory’, and ‘Change to Directory’). The username is “TriangleFTP”, and the password is (Please contact Triangle for the Password).

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