Architectural, Engineering, and Construction

Document Management

and Printing

Color or black and white images on bond, vellum or mylar. Maximum 36" by any reasonable length from CAD files. Bond prints are made on our multiple printers which function as engineering copiers, CAD plotters and high speed digital printers. They accept originals up to 36" wide by any length which may be reduced or enlarged. These digital printers enable us to print directly from CAD files to bond paper. Existing drawings can be scanned-to-file and sorted with digital CAD files for multiple sets of prints.

Our Document Management System is a comprehensive, web based solution for all your construction document management and distribution needs. We utilize "Planwell Enterprise" as our online planroom. This powerful application makes the process of managing your construction plans easier, faster, and more efficient when combined with the other valuable services of Triangle Reprographics.

-View and order you documents online.
-Manage your construction plans and specs easier, faster, and with greater organization.
-Reduce costly mistakes by keeping plans current and controlling document access.
-Keep an historical record of plans and their use.
-Build a drawing archive as your project progresses.
-Communicate with your project team more frequently, faster and with greater convenience.
-Lower printing and logistics costs through more accurate distributions to the appropriate recipients.
-Reduce administration burdens with a variety of tracking tools, reports, communication features and user controls.

Scanning of construction documents: We provide scanning services that can turn your old drawings in all those file cabinets into digital records.

We employ the most knowledgeable people, utilize the finest equipment, and use state of the art processes and procedures to help insure you are satisfied with our products and services.